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NaS Battery Cell Development

NaS battery

Ionotec has specialist technology for battery cells with a liquid sodium anode, of which there are two main types:

  • Sodium sulphur           2Na + xS  ↔  Na2Sx  
  • Sodium metal chloride  2Na + MCl2 ↔  2NaCl  + M  (M = Ni, Fe)

The operating temperature of these sodium batteries is normally around 300°C.


We do not manufacture batteries or battery cells, but can provide consultancy on various aspects of sodium battery cell design and manufacture. We have extensive test experience with high temperature NaS battery cells and can advise on design, manufacture and testing of battery cells for performance, safety and thermal cycling.


  • Prototype manufacture of sodium battery cell components and assemblies  
  • Coatings for electrical conductivity or electrical insulation  
  • Coatings for resistance to corrosion by electrode materials  
  • Ceramic-ceramic bonding and ceramic-metal bonding  
  • Materials properties and compatibility issues  
  • Sodium battery cell design  
  • Manufacturing equipment design and process scale-up