energy storage




History of Ionotec


Ionotec was established in 1995 as a management buyout of the former sodium-sulphur (NaS) battery developer Silent Power Ltd, based in Cheshire UK where we have a 1000 square metre site for research, development and pilot-scale manufacturing. We are a wholly independent employee-owned business currently with 10 full-time staff, with up to 30 years experience in sodium battery technology and in the manufacture of beta alumina ceramics. The company has always had a strong contract research and development programme funded both by the UK government and by the private sector worldwide.


We have long-standing relationships with several major clients with interests in energy storage, including BASF SE and Pohang Iron & Steel Company.  Enquiries are welcomed.  


Collaborative Research Projects 


Ionotec collaborates frequently with other companies and with universities. Over the years the company has received numerous UK and EU awards and contracts for innovative research and development on clean energy and related topics:


·           Sodium-nickel chloride battery for electric vehicle application

·           Sensor for dopants in molten aluminium alloys

·           Gas sensor for engine exhaust emission control

·           Potassium-conductive and proton-conductive ceramics

·           Zirconia membranes for solid oxide fuel cell

·           Nanostructured thermal barrier coatings

·           Extrusion of ion-conductive ceramics

·           Electrochemical reactor for chemical synthesis

·           Thin film solar panels based on graded-bandgap CuInGaSe2


At present the growing demand for energy storage means that our reasearch work is focused primarily on sodium battery development.